Salvation Sister

by Suspire

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Newest single from Suspire with production from Echo & The Bunnymen guitarist, Gordy Goudie.


released September 5, 2011

Written and performed by Suspire. Produced and engineered by Gordy Goudie. Mastered by Kenny Inglis at Eighth Nerve Studios.



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Suspire Glasgow, UK

Suspire are a 4-piece Scottish rock band from Glasgow. Described by Scottish national newspaper, The Herald, as “occupying a spot somewhere between Aussie synth duo Empire Of The Sun and Los Angeles-based "chillwave" pioneers Toro Y Moi and Washed Out”. In 2016, Suspire have vowed to go back to their roots to deliver an album that will be more raw, edgier and dripping in modern ‘rock ‘n’ roll’. ... more

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Track Name: Salvation Sister
This other world is a dream
of which people could never conceive.
I'm paranoid in my mind
but that doesn't mean I'm not right.
Salvation is all that we need;
a hero to come set us free.
But maybe she's been and she's passed.
People like her move on fast.

Salvation Sister
You blinked and then you missed her
She gave her own
Heart and soul

This one is split at the seams
and finding it hard to believe.
Out of her heart comes the light
She show the way by her side
Track Name: Set in Stone
There's something that you have gotta do
Have a look at what's in front of you
It seems that I have cut you off
Was it something I said

The more we hear the less we seem to know
To take a breath would seem to stop the show
The difference between what's right and wrong
Was it something I said

Here we
here we go again

How can we change something that is set in stone
How can we laugh at such an elemental joke?
It feels like nothing can be done
It doesn't matter what you said

Is this is all we can really know?
There was a time we thought that we knew it all
But time has a way of outing truth
It doesn't matter what you said

Here we
Here we go again
The faces change
But everything's the same